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Adolescence…the tender time when one is gingerly moving towards the person he or she wants to be as an adult. First loves, college or career prep, making friends, and figuring out what you do NOT want in your relationships and friendships. It’s a challenging time for sure.

Just like adults, teens too can utilize self-care techniques and products to help manage stress during this difficult transition to adulthood. To help, here’s our top five self-care product ideas that we recommend placing in your teen’s self-care toolbox.


Top 5 Self-Care Products for Teens

The Mindfulness Journal for Teens: Prompts and Practices to Help You Stay Calm, Cool, and Present

Being a teen in today’s fast paced world is tough, but developing the skill of mindfulness (the ability to stay in the present moment) can help teens learn to process one emotion at a time and enhance their ability to regulate. This particular journal is geared towards issues teens are likely to encounter in their day to day lives.

Affirmation Cards

Any affirmation cards would work, but this particular set I located on Amazon is designed by a comedian and has just a pinch of snark that teens could appreciate. In adolescence, the battle to overcome negative self talk and build feelings of worthiness is real. These cards are helpful in reminding teens exactly how amazing they are!

Reversible Weighted Blanket

A good night’s sleep is critical during these years to keep up with how fast the body and mind is changing, and even teens can benefit from a weighted blanket like this one! With the option to choose from a “cool” side or a “warm” side, retreating under a weighted blanket can be a sanity saver for your teen when life feels overwhelming.

Wreck This Journal

I have written about this one before. This journal is genius because it encourages the person journaling to rip, tear, burn, etc. to process feelings. How many of us burned a picture of an ex girlfriend or boyfriend at some point in high school? Our teens need a safe place to work through big feelings, and this journal provides exactly that!

Wearable Fidgets

Be honest…are you sick of pop its yet? Fidget spinners? I get it, BUT, even as an adult, there is something therapeutic about grabbing my son’s pop it and methodically popping all the bubbles to one side and then the other. It’s great stress relief! The benefits of having one on your child’s wrist like a watch or bracelet is that they are less likely to get in trouble at school if it’s attached in this way.

Final Thoughts

According to ineedalighthouse.org, over 20% of teens will experience depression before reaching adulthood, and it is also reported that experiencing depression increases the likelihood that a teen will attempt suicide by twelve times. This was reported in 2008, and numbers have risen steadily since then.

Teaching our teens how to properly care for their mental health is critical in beating these alarming statistics.

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About the Author: Brandy Browne

Brandy Browne is an early childhood educator in the United States, as well as a family coach and blogger for UnStuck (www.unstucks.com), her family coaching service aimed at helping families develop positive habits and breaking the cycle of generational trauma and poverty.

Her education is in early and elementary education, and she also has a masters degree in parenting and child/adolescent development. Brandy is a wife to her high school sweetheart of fifteen years, and together they share three children, aged ten, seven, and five. In her free time, she enjoys reading, gardening, writing, and distance running.

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