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Online Curriculum

Our online learning curriculum for primary and secondary schools is completely FREE starting in 2023, and it features over a year’s worth of content for use in a classroom setting.

This content is hosted on our dedicated curriculum website here: thelilyjoproject.thinkific.com

Available Courses

All courses were developed and approved by our team of trained counsellors, youth workers, and clinical consultants.

Here is a rundown of all of the courses available for primary and secondary students.

We also have exclusive bonus content including Christmas specials, dance workshops, and free well-being webinars for both parents and teachers.

Explore the courses for yourself by visiting our curriculum website.

  • Be A HERO – Introducing the basics of mental health [primary only].
  • Break Free – Introducing the basics of mental health [secondary only].
  • FREEDOM – Exploring themes related to anxiety, low mood, opening up, and maintaining relationships [secondary only].
  • FUN-damentals – Exploring how to cope with the emotions of worry, sadness and anger [primary only].
  • Fundamentals – Exploring strategies for overcoming feelings of anxiety, depression, and anger [secondary only].
  • SMILE – Understanding bullying and the power of words and actions.
  • Bounce Back – Learning how to be resilient and cope with change.
  • Express Yourself – Exploring how creativity impacts mental health.
  • Diamond – Building confidence and self-esteem.
  • Be The Change – Exploring topics surrounding racism.

What Students and Teachers Have to Say


“The project complements the resources we already use, but because it is so different from the set resources, it livens things up and seems to have more of an impact on the children.”
Primary School Teacher

“Students have been using a lot of the language from the resources in the playground when talking to friends, and have been a lot happier talking about the way they feel with each other.”
Primary School Teacher

“We used the resources regarding racism, as a whole school, a few weeks ago and it proved very successful in encouraging discussions about how they felt and how it made others feel.”
High School Teacher