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Lily-Jo is a trained counsellor and is exclusively offering you the chance to set some powerful goals using solution focused brief therapy. Setting goals with accountability is a sure fire way to succeed. LJ can personally help you to be the best version of yourself that you can be in this one hour session. If you are interested to know more please


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“I have had three one to one coaching sessions with Lily-Jo. I had been progressing at work but in my personal life, I was struggling with my mood. I didn’t want anyone around me, I wasn’t  interested in doing things. It was very difficult. 

After session two I began to feel more positive and my mental health seemed to improve. I no longer have these feelings of low mood. I don’t feel negative anymore. one of my goals was to lose weight and so far I’ve lost 4% of my body fat, and I’m feeling like I have more energy and refreshed. I feel now like life is beautiful and anything is possible. In session three I have discovered my mission and purpose which excites me. The future feels bright. I am unstoppable.”

Nicole – Age 31

“Lily-Jo was an absolute revelation when she came into Bring Digital to deliver goal setting sessions with our employees. Each of the employees who attended the sessions were really positive and excited to get started with the personal and professional goals they had discussed with her. I couldn’t recommend Lily-Jo highly enough to any other business looking provide their employees with a truly unique opportunity.”  

Tom Rosillo, director, Bring digital

“I have just completed my third session with Lily-Jo and I am proud to say I have achieved so much with her guidance and support. 

I have quit smoking and I am moving into a home with my partner in the next few weeks. Lily-Jo encouraged me to visit my local GP, something which I hadn’t bothered doing, even though my anxiety levels were sky high. I have consulted with my GP and have now been prescribed the correct medication for my anxiety and I am on a waiting my CBT sessions.  

Lily-Jo is a great listener and has been inspirational from beginning to end. I can not thank Lily-Jo enough for my new found strength.” 

Ian – Age 35 

“Having just been appointed to my first General manager position, I brought Lily-Jo in to work with myself and the team to ensure that I got off to the best possible start in my new role. The impact Lily-Jo has had in just three sessions has been immense. My team are engaged, live, and work with greater clarity and are setting and achieving goals crucial not just to their work but own mental well-being. Alongside my career goals, I also wanted to find a way to help those less fortunate than myself. With Lily-Jo’s assistance I am now proud to say that the Hotel has partnered with an organisation to distribute our food waste to the homeless community in Birmingham which I facilitate several times a week.

I cannot thank Lily-Jo enough for the impact she has had and would highly recommend to any person or organisation seeing to look after their mental health and achieve their goals!”

Michael Falla, General Manager, AC Hotel Birmingham

“I have been seeing Lily-Jo for the past 12 months. I did not want to speak to a business coach when my manager suggested it, however, after just 1 session I found myself talking about everything, from personal life to work and long-term goals. I now look forward to seeing Lily-Jo every few months for a catch up, anything I may be struggling with she will give you tips on how to handle this and I think it has had a really positive effect on my well being and work performance. Our whole team seems very content and I think having a business coach has meant we openly talk about our problems and we are one great team. I think every company would benefit from realising if you invest in people, they will give you back more in return”.