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Uniquely created to improve
wellbeing in the workplace.

Uncovering mission statements, setting goals, and achieving success: this is our mission at Unstoppable Life Coaching.

What we do

Motivated by the staggering statistic that an estimated one in ten of the 70 million sick days lost each year is due to mental health, we are a team of qualified counsellors and life coaches on a mission to make a difference. 

Through our work conducting one to one life coaching sessions and team workshops within organisations, we empower individuals to prioritise mental health, set achievable goals, and live unstoppable lives. 

The Facts

We all have mental health
1 in 4 will struggle with mental health (Mind)


66% of workers have felt stressed or anxious about work (ACAS)


Only half of those struggling with mental health at work will tell a manager (Mind)

How we Help

One to One Coaching Sessions

We send one of our certified coaches directly to your place of work to meet with up to 6 members of staff in one day. 

A typical session looks like this:

1. Reflection:

We start by conducting our original Unstoppable Life Coaching self-care questionnaire, along with a GAD-7 and PHQ-9, which assess anxiety and depression. 

2. Exploration:

Next we have a conversation and begin to uncover the individual’s personal mission statement.

3. Goal Setting:

Then we help to better prioritise what is working in their lives and set attainable emotional wellbeing goals.

Sessions are recommended to be held quarterly, and we monitor impact over the course of the year. 

Team Workshops

We also offer workshops for the whole team! Workshops are designed to help your team understand more about mental health and feel more comfortable talking about it. Our current workshops available are:

  • An Introduction to Mental Health
  • Living with Purpose
  • Overcoming stress

To book a workshop, please get in touch.


For Business Owners and Freelancers

We understand that freedom as a business owner or freelancer can often come with feelings of isolation and loneliness. Without the support or direction of a manager, it can become difficult to hold ourselves accountable to goals and targets. We also extend our life coaching services to these individuals and can conduct sessions within homes or office spaces.  

 “I’ve found that by investing in these sessions it’s enabled me to level up both in my personal life and in my business”

Hannah Smikle, Vocal Performance Coaching


The Impact

For Individuals

For individuals, the impact is massive. After spending 4 sessions working with an Unstoppable Life Coach, on average staff members have reported feeling more motivated, focused, healthy, and supported at work. 

“It’s such a benefit to have your workplace care about you” – Angela, Hilton Garden Inn Glasgow


For Managers

Managers looking after a team can see improvements in staff:



“Culturally, you’ll see a difference straight away”– Michael, General Manager, Hilton Garden Inn Glasgow

What Clients Say

Lily-Jo is so positive and even though I hadn’t achieved all of my goals, she offered reassurance and made some other suggestions how to go about things. Before the session, I was feeling a bit rubbish that I hadn’t tried harder but afterwards, felt really motivated and ready to give it another go.

Unstoppable Life Coaching Client

My life coach is very easy to talk to no matter what the problem is. When you talk to her, you know she is listening to you, and understands what you are saying. She is very caring and laughs with you. Thank you

Unstoppable Life Coaching Client

I was unsure what to expect but it was great to have a little bit of focus on how I can improve myself. Lily-Jo’s positivity was completely infectious – I left the session feeling really motivated and wanting to make a difference.

‘Unstoppable Life Coaching Client’

Great tools for a stress free life.

‘Unstoppable Life Coaching Client’

My coach Jo was really open and wasn’t judgemental at all.

Unstoppable Life Coaching Client

“I really liked the session, a lot of the conversation was structured around simple Q&A that challenged me to come up with the answers by eliminating my own excuses along with a couple of really tangible tips which have helped me make real changes to my routine and how I challenge myself to commit to the things I want to spend more time on.”

Unstoppable Life Coaching Client

“My Coach Ima made me feel very comfortable and relaxed from the moment we met.”

Unstoppable Life Coaching Client

Lily-Jo is an amazing person and wants to make you feel welcomed and it was great talking to her as I felt she understood everything thank you again

Unstoppable Life Coaching Client

Culturally you’ll see a difference straight away.”

Michael Falla 
General Manager, Hilton Garden Inn, Glasgow 

“I have been working with Lily-Jo from Unstoppable life coaching for over a year. In this time I have seen my business increase dramatically. The goal setting and prioritising outcomes/mission statement exercises have been very effective, and I’ve felt empowered and inspired to dream bigger throughout the year as I have reached the goals I’ve set. After each session, my productivity, focus and efficiency always level up, and I leave even more excited about my work- which I didn’t think was possible! Lily Jo has a wide knowledge of relevant resources for both professional and personal development, and those recommendations have made a huge impact on my career and quality of day to day life. I highly recommend Unstoppable life coaching!”

Hannah Smikle
Vocal Performance Coaching

“My Unstoppable Life Coach helped me to see that my goals are achievable. As someone who works freelance, It’s nice having someone to be accountable to.”

Babs Bray
Owner, Forever Tidy

“Lily-Jo comes into our place of work, once every three months. I find it’s easier talking to someone outside of my immediate circle of family and friends.”

John, age 43 

“Lily-Jo comes into our workplace every quarter. It’s great to have someone who isn’t associated with the company to talk to. Lily-Jo is an extremely nice person and very understanding. Highly recommend.”

Marilyn, age 58 

“Great to have someone to talk to, who listens without judgement.”

Sarah, age 32

“ I was a little apprehensive about my first session of life coaching as I wasn’t sure about what it would entail. From the beginning of my session, Lily-Jo put me at ease instantly as she is so empathetic and down to earth. I was able to open up about the issues I was concerned about and the areas of my life that I wanted to work on and change. Together we set down some goals which are manageable and achievable. I’m now looking forward to my new journey and have a new mantra which is ‘I’m Good Enough’. Huge thank you to and I look forward to booking in another session in the new year.”

Julie Kirkpatrick

I’ve had 3 life coaching sessions I had my first one in Feb. My anxiety was so bad but doing the sessions made me feel happier. Since then it’s been life changing I’ve done stuff | believed I wasn’t good enough to do. Thank you so much, Jo, for pushing and helping me to believe in myself when I didn’t think I could.
Already planning one for Jan as got so many ideas I can do xx

Kim Eckersley

Lily Jo is a caring, experienced Counsellor with a heart for helping people reach their goals. She has a heart for young people, helping them with their Life Mapping, and making the most of their lives.

Maggie Jenkins
Life Coach

“ Early this week I had my first coaching with Jo Perruzza from Unstoppable Life Coaching. I didn’t know what to expect and was quite apprehensive. I needn’t have worried. Jo made me feel instantly at ease and after completing a confidentiality and information form we started with a very interesting and most intriguing question known as the Miracle question. Wow!! This caused a considerable challenge as I looked at my two businesses.

I went away with clear action points and an understanding as to why and what I was going to be spending my time on.”

Mrs B


Jo is offering wellbeing coaching to the Fellows on the Leaders Plus career development programme I run and I get excellent reviews on her from the people that have been lucky enough to work with her.

 Verena Hefti
CEO and Founder of Leaders Plus


“ I booked Lily-Jo to provide a life-coaching/goal setting workshop for my peripatetic tutors at Front Row Music. The session was a huge success! I’m still hearing good things about it to this day! The session was accessible to all tutors, really well communicated and Lily-Jo managed to strike up an instant rapport with everyone so they couldn’t help but get stuck into the session. It won’t be too long before I’ll be getting her back to see how we’ve all been getting on! ”

Adam Smikle
Tutor Manager, Front Row Music



“I have had three one to one coaching sessions with Lily-Jo. I had been progressing at work but in my personal life, I was struggling with my mood. I didn’t want anyone around me, I wasn’t  interested in doing things. It was very difficult.

After session two I began to feel more positive and my mental health seemed to improve. I no longer have these feelings of low mood. I don’t feel negative anymore. one of my goals was to lose weight and so far I’ve lost 4% of my body fat, and I’m feeling like I have more energy and refreshed. I feel now like life is beautiful and anything is possible. In session three I have discovered my mission and purpose which excites me. The future feels bright. I am unstoppable.”

Client, Age 31

“Lily-Jo was an absolute revelation when she came into Bring Digital to deliver goal setting sessions with our employees. Each of the employees who attended the sessions were really positive and excited to get started with the personal and professional goals they had discussed with her. I couldn’t recommend Lily-Jo highly enough to any other business looking provide their employees with a truly unique opportunity.”

Tom Rosillo
Director, Bring digital

“I have just completed my third session with Lily-Jo and I am proud to say I have achieved so much with her guidance and support.

I have quit smoking and I am moving into a home with my partner in the next few weeks. Lily-Jo encouraged me to visit my local GP, something which I hadn’t bothered doing, even though my anxiety levels were sky high. I have consulted with my GP and have now been prescribed the correct medication for my anxiety and I am on a waiting my CBT sessions.

Lily-Jo is a great listener and has been inspirational from beginning to end. I can not thank Lily-Jo enough for my new found strength.”

Client, Age 35

“Having just been appointed to my first General manager position, I brought Lily-Jo in to work with myself and the team to ensure that I got off to the best possible start in my new role. The impact Lily-Jo has had in just three sessions has been immense. My team are engaged, live, and work with greater clarity and are setting and achieving goals crucial not just to their work but own mental well-being. Alongside my career goals, I also wanted to find a way to help those less fortunate than myself. With Lily-Jo’s assistance I am now proud to say that the Hotel has partnered with an organisation to distribute our food waste to the homeless community in Birmingham which I facilitate several times a week.

I cannot thank Lily-Jo enough for the impact she has had and would highly recommend to any person or organisation seeing to look after their mental health and achieve their goals!”

Michael Falla 
General Manager, AC Hotel Birmingham

“I have been seeing Lily-Jo for the past 12 months. I did not want to speak to a business coach when my manager suggested it, however, after just 1 session I found myself talking about everything, from personal life to work and long-term goals. I now look forward to seeing Lily-Jo every few months for a catch up, anything I may be struggling with she will give you tips on how to handle this and I think it has had a really positive effect on my well being and work performance. Our whole team seems very content and I think having a business coach has meant we openly talk about our problems and we are one great team. I think every company would benefit from realising if you invest in people, they will give you back more in return”.

“From the moment you meet with Lily-Jo it’s clear that she absolutely LOVES to draw the very essence of an individual out. Her approach is infectious, she is bold enough to gently push boundaries remaining fervently sensitive and accepting of the individual. She helped me to establish what my deepest core value is and as a result, hinge all my activity off this.
I am now undertaking things I REALLY want to do and am REALLY good at!

There is something more to add as well. The knock on effect of life coaching is such that other areas of life begin to bloom, one becomes that bit closer to one’s self and that bit more pleased by what one finds!. Lily-Jo is just fantastic, she beams with a solid desire to see people fulfil exactly who they were made to be on this earth and this is a special, special gift to our world. “

Mrs B
Client, age 35

COVID-19 mental health support

This unprecedented time continues to be increasingly difficult for people across the country. With the UK death toll being devastatingly the highest in Europe, almost all of us will now know someone who has sadly lost their life due to this awful disease. As we navigate the new normal, we are offering our brand new Covid 19 Mental Health Support Workshops, specifically designed to assist your team’s emotional wellbeing. 

As a leader within the company I am sure you are under a whole lot of pressure to ensure you are adhering to the government guidelines to make your workplace COVID secure. Our team of professional and empathic counsellors and coaches will take some of the pressure off you, making sure your team is COVID secure mentally and emotionally

Our workshops have been delivered successfully in businesses up and down the country pre Covid-19, and have now been uniquely adapted for this time. Currently on offer we have:

Understanding Grief

– An online workshop for 6 – 12 people exploring how to cope with, understand, and identify grief during this time in yourself and your colleagues

– Email hello@unstoppablelifecoaching.org

Let Me Support You While You Support Them

– An online 1 to 1 workshop designed to support your own wellbeing during this time giving you the freedom and capacity to best support your team

– Email hello@unstoppablelifecoaching.org

Understanding Stress

– An online workshop for 6 – 12 people identifying what your teams current stress levels are like and exploring ways to recognise and manage stress

– Email hello@unstoppablelifecoaching.org

What Does The New Normal Mean For Me?

– Online 1 to 1 workshops designed to help you and your staff reflect upon what has happened during this time within their lives, and recalibrate and find what the new normal means to them.

– Email hello@unstoppablelifecoaching.org

Get In Touch

“My team of coaches are friendly, professional, and trained in counselling and mental health. Get in touch today to see how we can help you and your team live unstoppable lives” – Lily-Jo, Founder and Senior Coach

To arrange a call with a member of the Unstoppable Life Coaching team and book some dates in the diary, complete the “Get in Touch” form below or email us directly at hello@unstoppablelifecoaching.org.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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