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Just like we all have physical health, we ALL have mental health. And we believe children deserve to spend some time in the classroom to stretch, nurture, and build their mental health muscles. 


Through our online learning platform, we empower teachers to:


  • Address the very basics of mental health and mental health hygiene with students.
  • Help students build positive mental health habits. 
  • Cultivate a classroom culture of positivity, kindness, and empathy for others.


The best part? We do it in a way that makes learning about mental health actually FUN! To have a long-lasting impact on students, our courses are high-energy and packed with videos, quizzes, challenges, worksheets, music, dance, and more!


Packages available for schools, churches, and community groups.

Bronze: Monthly Newsletter and Downloadable Freebies


Our bronze package is totally free for everyone who signs up! With this package, you’ll become a partner with The Lily-Jo Project and receive:


  • A monthly e-newsletter packed full of our latest mental health resources and updates.
  • Downloadable freebies to help you promote a positive culture of mental health in your classroom.


To learn more or sign up, visit our dedicated Bronze package page here


Silver: Flagship Workshop (Updated Each Term)


Each term, we will launch our flagship workshop series for both primary and secondary aged kids. The best way to get the most out of our flagship workshop is to simply sign up for a Silver package. This workshop is available for both primary and secondary aged students, and can be led either online or in-person.


Everyone who purchases a Silver Package also becomes a partner with The Lily-Jo Project, which gives your school or group access to our monthly e-newsletter and downloadable freebies.


Our next Silver package will be available on January 15, so watch this space for an updated link to our latest flagship workshop. 


Gold: Flagship Workshop + Signature On Track Programme (Updated Weekly)


Our Gold packages are a one-stop-shop for your mental health curriculum.


In addition to receiving access to our flagship workshops updated each semester, you will also receive access to our signature On Track program, which provides your classroom with fresh mental health content updated weekly.


Everyone who purchases a Gold Package also becomes a partner with The Lily-Jo Project, which gives your school or community group access to our monthly e-newsletter and downloadable freebies.


For ages 4-11, you can sign up for a Gold package here. For ages 11-18 you can sign up for a Gold package here. Or, if you’re looking for a more tailored solution, get in touch with Pete at admin@thelilyjoproject.com and we are happy to set up a call. 

Tackling bullying with our first flagship series of 2021: SMILE


On Friday, January 15, our flagship workshop series for the 2021 spring term will be LIVE! Keep your eyes peeled for this very special series called “SMILE” which addresses ways to prevent and cope with the impact of bullying.


For a special sneak peek of what to expect with this series, give us a follow on Instagram and Facebook!


Don’t miss out! A special offer for lockdown 3.0

Back in June and July 2020, Young Minds carried out a survey with 2,036 young people with a history of mental health needs. They found that:


  • 80% of respondents agreed that the coronavirus pandemic had made their mental health worse.
  • 87% of respondents agreed that they had felt lonely or isolated during the lockdown period.
  • 31% said they were no longer able to access support but still needed it.


In light of these alarming stats, we are offering our ‘Fundamentals of Mental Health’ series to schools worldwide for 50% off.


Simply visit the following course pages and use the coupon code LOCKDOWN3 at checkout:



Visit our dedicated lockdown page here.


Good Mental Health is an Investment – Let Us Help Your School Start Today.


Under normal circumstances, an estimated 75% of those with a mental health condition start developing it before the age of 18 (Source: MQ: Transforming Mental Health).


Combine that with the disruptions and trauma of Covid-19, and it’s clear that investing in the mental health of our kids is imperative – and we can help!


Our onboarding process is simple. Simply reach out to our operation’s manager, Pete, at admin@thelilyjoproject.com for more info or to set up a call.


We’re in this together!


About The Lily-Jo Project


Founded in 2016 by UK-based pop singer, songwriter, and qualified counsellor, Lily-Jo, The Lily-Jo Project is a platform devoted to eliminating the stigma of mental health through music, digital resources, and community engagement.


Our award-winning online self-help resource, www.thelilyjoproject.com, provides a balance of expert advice, personal stories, and top tips to support those struggling with common mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, self-harm, and childhood trauma. With over 10 years of clinical experience in the mental health sector, Lily-Jo and The Lily-Jo Project team are proud to create resources that are high-energy, relatable, and founded in clinical expertise.


View our latest Annual Report for 2020 here.

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