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The #Movember campaign takes place every year during the month of November, and its primary purpose is to raise awareness of the key mental and physical health issues for men.

In terms of mental health, the statistics for men are quite jarring.

In July 2014, the Men’s Health Forum estimated that 4 in 5 suicides are by men. And for men under the age of 35, suicide is the leading cause of death. Compared to women, men also find it much harder to open up and discuss their mental health concerns with family and friends. More often than not, they even resist speaking to their GP because they do not want to be a burden to them or waste their time.

This is not okay.

And while it might be easy for us to feel powerless when faced with these widespread statistics, we can, as individuals, still make a difference. We can show support to the men in our lives. We can check in with them and ask them how they are doing. And most importantly, we can all help to normalize the importance of looking after our mental health.

Simple conversations like these are very powerful. Here’s a look at some of the conversations we have had with men over the years that we proudly include in our mental health resource.


Overcoming Depression: Interview with Tolu

Everyone will likely experience symptoms of depression at some point in their lives, but there are ways to combat it. Catch this interview with Tolu where he shares his own story of overcoming depression and seeking help. .

Overcoming Struggles with Mental Health: Interview With Ben Haenow

Learn about pop artist Ben Haenow’s personal struggles with mental health in this interview with Lily-Jo.

Speaking Out About Mental Health: Interview With Christian Burrows

Opening up can be hard. Check out this interview with singer/songwriter Christian Burrows where he opens up about what it’s like to feel rejected, and how to keep going.

Get Moving With Dancer and Choreographer Sola

The Lily-Jo Project’s head choreographer Sola shares a tutorial of how to get moving and learn the dance moves to Lily-Jo’s song, Break Free. You can also find his personal reflections on the Covid-19 pandemic in our team blog here.


Discussion on Loneliness with The Lily-Jo Project’s Own Peter Bonnebaigt

Our operations manager Pete found himself living alone throughout the lockdown related to Covid-19. Catch his articles on how to cope with loneliness and how to recognise a lonely friend in need on The Lily-Jo Project blog.

Opening Up the Discussion on Men and Mental Health with Faith Child

Rap artist Faith Child opened up to us in an interview, sharing what he personally struggles with the most and how he structures his day for success.


Discussion on Purpose and Self-Care with Faith Child

Lily-Jo also caught up with Faith Child on our Eavesdrop podcast. Listen now to his conversation on finding your purpose and the importance of self-care.

Interview with Written in Kings on Friendship

In another episode of Eavesdrop, Lily-Jo spoke with the band Written in Kings, where they chat all about the importance of friendship.

Discussion on Identity, Belonging, and Role Models with Dancer Moses Yaor

Catch this interview with The Lily-Jo Project’s own backup dancer, Moses Yaor, on embracing your identity and finding good role models.

Embracing Creativity and Positive Mindsets With Dave Fidler

In this very special episode, Lily-Jo interviews her husband and fellow singer/songwriter Dave Fidler. They chat all about creativity, work/life balance, and tuning in to a positive mindset.

Insight on Covid-19 from Chief Medical Officer, Dr John Patterson

At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, we caught up with Chief Medical Officer, Dr John Patterson. He shed light on the reality of the pandemic, while also inspiring us to still see the good in the world.

Tips on Managing Covid-19 Anxiety from Police Constable, Chris Edge

Another great interview discussing the Covid-19 crisis with Police Constable, Chris Edge. He shares some personal tips for managing anxiety in tense situations.

Understanding Resilience With Rap Artist Ryan Griggs

In our latest season of Eavesdrop, Rap Artist Ryan Griggs from Social Beingz shares with us his thoughts on resilience and the importance of creating space.

Discussion on Staying Active and Setting Boundaries with Stuart Walkinshaw

We’ve also had the opportunity recently to chat about work/life balance and the intersection between mental and physical health with Stuart Walkinshaw from Primary Sports Coaching.

Further Resources

We hope that you have found some gems of wisdom from the men featured in this article! If you are looking for further support, we recommend the following additional resources:


About the Author: Shelby Hale

Shelby has been with The Lily-Jo Project since October of 2018, serving as the platform’s PR and Communications Manager. Having lived in four different countries throughout her young adulthood, Shelby is passionate about the positive impact new experiences can have on mental health.

When she’s not working with The Lily-Jo Project, she supports other projects through her creative agency, Hale Marketing and Communications. If you’d like to stay updated with Shelby’s story, you can find her on Instagram and Twitter.

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