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Its been a little while! But I’ve been a busy bee preparing all the things you are about to read about! I have four exciting pieces of news fo(u)r you! So much NEW content is heading your way and VERY SOON!


I never intended to release another EP so soon after UNSTOPPABLE in April but a studio session with Tim Gosden went very well which means, here we are again! SWAY is a collaboration of some UK legends! You will hear the gorgeous vocals of Dawn Elektra, which was a total accident! We were writing SWAY and she was taking a pass at the mic and it just sounded too sweet not to use! Amazingly she agreed to her one take wonder vocals to be a feature, and man, does she sound incredible! Also featured on the EP is my mate Geek Boy. He has remixed

SWAY in a dofflin feel for you to get down to. And if that isn’t enough for you my pal SaintLouis who I spent some time touring with when we were in LZ7 together has thrown a down right dirty D&B remix in for good measure. A perfect FOUR song EP to soundtrack your summer. Coming to all digital platforms on 03.08.18. Pre-Order starts on 30.07.18 I hope you enjoy it, why don’t you have a sneaky listen by clicking the button below? I’d love to hear what you think. If you like it, please share it.


2 // The Lily-Jo Project gets a facelift 

The Lily-Jo Project is my award winning online mental health resource for those facing and battling mental health issues. It has been faithfully serving the UK and the rest of the world since 2016 providing young people and adults sound advice, top tips, videos, music, blogs and more on the most common mental health issues. We’ve given it a full colour, brand spanking new, all singing, all dancing, facelift and I for one am super excited for you to see it. Launching 30.07.18 save the date 8am it goes LIVE!!!

3 // Eavesdrop, my new podcast

If you follow me on social media you may have seen me gallivanting across the country interviewing friends for my brand new podcast Eavesdrop. Eavesdrop is a conversation between my friends and I. We have created hours upon hours of positive conversational content for you to wrap your ears around! Hopefully you will learn from it, and share it with people who may also learn from it. Season 1 launches on Friday 10th August.

There’s chats with Philippa Hanna, Faithchild, Abby Eaton, Hope Plumb, Written In Kings and loads more…subscribing will help me climb the podcast charts with positive content around the important subjects of mental health and positive wellbeing. Keep a look out, I will let you know all the links once it is available for download.

4 // New Products & Services

This summer sees the launch of some new products and services to my online shop! Guess how many? Four of course…This whole quadruple summer smash wouldn’t work otherwise!!!

NEW MUSCLE VESTS: get your arms out and your tan on in our new Muscle vests  available in black and white.

I AM WORTHY WORKSHOPS: perfect for festivals, youth events, lunch time clubs in school exploring the theme of self esteem and worthiness. Click here  for more information.

UNSTOPPABLE LIFE COACHING: One to One life coaching to live your best unstoppable life. My current clients are thriving. If you are feeling stuck or wondering how to turn your dreams into a reality, book your session NOW!

SCHOOLS WORKSHOPS: Book me to come into your school and lead lessons and assemblies on positive wellbeing and mental health.

What do you think?

So there you have it the ‘QUADRUPLE SUMMER SMASH’ coming right at ya!…There’s a lot going on. If you are around any of the festivals this summer, come and say hi. Click here  to find out where I will be and when. Make sure you follow along on the journey by connecting on my social media. Thanks for the ongoing love and support. Without it, I would find it very difficult to keep going. it’s not easy to keep pushing forward and to continue to dream BIG, but your love support, and words of encouragement mean the world to me.

Lily-Jo x


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