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Studies have shown that volunteering for a cause that you are passionate about can combat depression and improve your well being according to BMC Public Health. So helping others, helps yourself. Win Win! Over the last twelve months I’ve been growing a team of dynamic individuals who are giving up some of their spare time to help eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health by working alongside me on The Lily-Jo Project. We are growing a team of amazing individuals all across the globe, and they are committed to help bring about change. I’m so excited to introduce them to you here on the blog today.


Introducing Sarah. Sarah is a skilled administrator and is currently helping out at The Lily-Jo Project HQ. She is a brilliant connector and communicator and has a powerful story of how she overcame her own struggles with mental health and self-worth. She’ll tell you that another time..Until then, Sarah is a lover of frozen yoghurt and enjoys learning new stuff. She has a massive smile and a massive heart. I can’t wait for you to get to know her more, I know she has loads of wisdom to share with you.







Introducing the beautiful Molly Baxter she is 17 years old and lives in Melbourne, Australia. Molly has been volunteering for the project over the last couple of months managing social media, and carrying out research. She is working on some interesting blogs for you guys. Watch this space. In her spare time she enjoys playing the guitar or listening to music, preferably in front of the fire! She has the cutest pet pug whose name is Fuji, like the mountain! Molly loves Mexican food, especially tacos or nachos.

Her favourite way to exercise is surfing, ‘there is nothing more exhilarating than catching and standing up on a wave. Hours of paddling in the water can leave me exhausted but it’s my favourite kind of exhaustion.’






Introducing the lovely Ruth Clemence, she is based in Exeter and we met at The Premier Digital awards where she received the award for Young Blogger Of The Year. Ruth is a brilliant proof reader and editor and is helping to make sure the blogs we put out read well for you.

Ruth loves writing, reading and spending quality time with her hubby, family and friends. She also enjoys trying out new recipes. Ruth has no pets currently, but is expecting her first child! We are very excited about this!




Meet Lois! Lois is a skilled videographer and editor and is helping to create some great content for the website to help and equip you. Lois lives in London. She is a big music fan and is an avid festival goer who also loves to travel. Lois is massively fun to be around and I am so chuffed to have her on the team.







Introducing Julie, who lives in Dumfries, Scotland.  Julie is mum to Amy (pictured here) and we met at one of my very first gigs in Manchester. Julie looks after certain aspects of our social media, twitter being her fave! She is also my go-to right hand woman for admin help. Find her on twitter @teamlilyjo

If you have some skills and some spare time that you think we might need, why not get in touch: admin@thelilyjoproject.com and register your interest. We’d love to hear from you.

It’s very nearly the weekend…HAVE A GOOD ONE.



With love,






PS: We’ve teamed up with Clarity Magazine, click the image below and check out their website. We love them!!!

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