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Hey! Hey! Hey!

Thank you for supporting all that we do here at The LJ Project. Your help means the world to us and even you just sharing a post spreads the word to SO many. We have had over 13,000 views since launching and we are dedicated and committed to continue to spread a message of hope and life to as many people as possible through the site. Here at The Lily-Jo project we are really excited about the launch of our brand new merchandise. All profits from any items sold furthers the ongoing development of www.thelilyjoproject.com. The LJ Project has a small amount of funding each month from a Manchester based charity, but we are always in need of more, to do more. As we raise further funds through merchandise and other means, we would like to:

1) develop our section for parents and carers

2) employ a part time administrator to keep up with all operations

3) create more great video content

4) create more blogs

All to encourage, engage, and uplift those who are suffering or feeling alone. One in four of us suffer at some point in our lives from mental ill health. Whether thats a period of insomnia, low mood, anxiety, we are all susceptible. With your support we can do so much more.

Check out our new hoodies…perfect for those summer nights in the garden when it gets a bit chill. They have a cross neck, thumb holes and are super cosy!!! Just £29.99 inc postage and packaging to UK or NI. For the rest of the world, email admin@thelilyjoproject.com for more details.

Click on the image to take you to the shop.

Also we have our beautiful new design WORTHY tee. Wear this with pride and let the world know your worthiness. Just £19.99, click on the image to go straight to the shop.

Thank you and God Bless!

With love,

Team LJ X

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