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Introducing the gorgeous Chelsea Alice Scott, she is a singer songwriter from Sheffield who taught herself guitar in her mid teens and since then has grown from strength to strength. I had the privilege of watching Chelsea perform at Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall as part of the Rebecca Ferguson ‘Superwoman’ tour. Chelsea lit up the stage with her uplifting songs & personality. I for one was totally blown away by her.  I met up with her to find out more about her music career, her battle with depression, and her idea of what it is to have a good Christmas…

JK: How did you get into the music industry?

CS: “I have always loved singing and taught myself guitar when I left school. Getting into the music industry just kind of happened to me! I loved to write songs and play live in my hometown and before I knew it I was getting booked to play all across the UK. I was very fortunate to have the right people around me to help
support my vision.”

JK: You recently released your debut album ‘Wild Soul’ what inspired you to write this album?

CS: “Wild Soul is an expression of who I am and what the past 18 months have taught me about life and myself. I wrote a lot of songs with people in mind who may be feeling overwhelmed or defeated, I definitely wanted my songs to be an anthem of rising up no matter what life throws your way. The track wild soul is very much about my outlook on life and how I am very much a free spirit who is always itching to see more of the world and experience a different side to life.”

JK: It’s so exciting that you got to go on tour with Rebecca Ferguson, how was that for you?

CS: The tour was so much fun! I was so lucky to be invited along to open the shows for Rebecca. Every night when I stepped out on these massive stages I was too excited to feel nervous, every second was just amazing. I met some amazing people who I believe made such a big impact on my life, whether it was the crew or fans I feel they gave me so much.

JK: Is there a message that you’d like your fans to take away from listening to your album?

CS: “My message is that no matter who you are, you are never alone. Life can be hard sometimes but in us all is such an amazing power to bounce back and show life exactly what we are made of. I also want the message to be fun too! That life isn’t about conforming to social norms but that we can create our own amazing path to follow.”

JK: You are very open about your mental health, could you tell us how your struggles with depression have affected your life and how you have coped with it?

CS: “Depression really changed me as a person, as awful as that time in my life was it put so much fight in me. I really had to build myself back up everyday but it taught me to be the person I am today. It gave me a lot of sympathy for people and really revealed to me the power in vulnerability; that sharing our stories with other people is so empowering for everyone involved. Luckily I got through my depression with the help of professional counsellors, my faith, an amazing group of friends and family and learning the power of your mind. I learnt so much about self-love and still get up everyday and feed myself lots of positive quotes and affirmations.”

JK: Christmas is fast approaching what are you most looking forward to?CS: “I’m looking forward to every single cliché thing about Christmas, its my favourite time of year. Most of all Im looking forward to some quality time with my friends and family. Ive been away a lot working this year so it will be good to catch up with life before hitting the road again.”

JK: Do you have any advice or tips for people suffering with depression, anxiety, stress over the festive period?

CS: “I would say, don’t do it alone. Mental Health can be so isolating but there is no shame in it so make sure you are talking to someone about the way you feel and what’s going on in your life. My depression was present around Christmas and I would say that no matter how you feel get up, get out, see people, do things you enjoy. Even if you don’t feel like it, be the driving force of your own life. Also, just be gracious to yourself. Getting better is a process, take it a day at a time and make sure you find something good in that day.”

JK: How do you spend Christmas?

CS: “I always start the day with champagne and a special Christmas breakfast, then I go see my family. Everyone is dotted around so I’m basically Santa for the morning then I chill out and just enjoy being with my loved ones”.

 JK: What are your plans for 2017?

CS: “I am planning to be back on the road in the new year, I cant stay still for too long. There are a few things that will be announced next year that are very exciting and I am already writing my next project. So lots of things, if next
year was anything like this one I will be a very happy girl.”

Thanks for taking the time to catch up with us here on The LJ Project blog. If you would like to follow Chelsea’s next exciting steps for 2017, find her on twitter here: @_chelseasings on youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/user/xchelseascottx  

Click on the image below to download Chelseas album. 

Thanks for reading, Happy Christmas,

Julie x

The Lily-Jo Project

Twitter: @ScissorSyndrome

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