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Are you feeling Sad?

Sadness for Kids…

Marcus Says…

“When I’m feeling sad, it can feel like I don’t want to do anything! Not even eating my favourite snack (chocolate and peanut butter sandwiches!) or playing the xbox. Sometimes I feel sad because a bad thing or a sad thing has happened, but sometimes I get sad and I don’t know why. It just hurts inside. That’s when it’s good to talk to someone.

I like to talk to my friends and family, especially my big brother, but I also have friends at these places who are really good to talk to.


You can text them or call them and they will listen to you when you need a chat. I’ve also given you a list of some of my favourite videos and websites that help me out when I feel sad. Remember: even when you are feeling sad, you are still unstoppable!”

Marcus’ Top Five Tips

for when you feel sad:

Talk to someone

Even though it’s scary, talking about how we feel helps make everything better.

Do something that relaxes you

I like to listen to music with no words, or watch videos of puppies!

Do some exercise

I like to dance in my room to some killer tunes.

Try and distract yourself

Do something fun –
I like to beatbox!

Remind yourself how great you are

You are special and unique and you have a light within you! 

Marcus’ Top Five

Vids, Games & Sites

calming down Vids

Some of Marcus’ favourite videos for calming down and sleeping better.

Lily Jo’s music

Lily Jo’s music always makes Marcus feel like someone understands.

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Lauren Layfield
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Dumping ground Tips

Tips from the Dumping ground.

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Simon Webbe shares his story.

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