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Are you feeling Anxious?

Anxiety for Kids…

Jaide Says…

“When I’m feeling scared or anxious it can make me feel really poorly! I sometimes feel sick or get butterflies, my heart can beat really hard and make my chest hurt or sometimes, I can even struggle to catch my breath, like I’ve run a really long way! Sometimes I feel anxious or scared because I have done something scary, like stand up in assembly or be in the school play, but sometimes I can get anxious over things that don’t seem scary at all! At least not to other people. But that’s why it’s good to talk to people. I like to talk to my Mum when I’m anxious – she always knows what to say and listens. She teaches me that when I’m scared it’s important to be kind to myself. I’ve also given you a list of some of my favourite videos and websites that help me out when I feel anxious and overwhelmed, and check out my top tips too! Remember: even when you are feeling anxious, you are still unstoppable!” 

Jaide’s Top Five Tips

for when you feel Anxious:

Talk to someone

When my anxious thoughts build up, I feel like no one understands. But talking it all through with someone always makes it less scary. 

Do something that helps you relax

 I love to swim! Being in the water feels so calming.

Exercise helps me stop feeling anxious

I like to run with my dog!

Distract Your Brain from scary thoughts

I take some deep breaths and think about a special place. I like to think about the beach from my holidays!

Be kind to your mind.

I can get mad at myself sometimes when I get scared, and I wish I was like everyone else. But that makes me feel worse! What makes me feel better is being kind to myself, and telling myself it’s okay.

Jaide’s Top Five

Vids, Games & Sites

Where anxiety comes from

This video explains where anxiety comes from.

Sounds that help me relax

Sometimes weird sounds help me relax! I like to listen to ASMR like this:

Alto’s adventure

I like to play alto’s adventure to calm down.

Do Slow Breathing

Watching this video helps me do slow breathing.

do Colouring

I like to do colouring to calm down too.

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