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Are you feeling ANGRY?

Anger for Kids…

Tyler Says…

“When I feel angry it can feel like lots of different things. Sometimes I feel like I want to hit or punch things, sometimes I say nasty things without meaning to and other times I just feel really angry at myself inside. Even though I don’t want to, I know that talking to someone about my angry thoughts will make them less angry. But sometimes I need to calm down first! I’ve given you a list of some of my favourite videos and websites that have helped me deal with my angry thoughts, and check out my top tips for calming down too! Remember: even when you are feeling angry, you are still unstoppable!”

Tyler’s Top Five Tips

for when you feel Angry:

Take a deep breath

When I’m angry, it feels like the world is going really fast. I need to take some deep breaths to slow it back down and think.

Do something that helps you relax

When I get angry, what I need to do is relax. I need to walk away and be by myself until I’m calm again.

Exercise helps me get rid of angry thoughts

Exercise really helps me get rid of my angry thoughts! I like going to the park and doing the monkey bars.

Distract Your Brain

When I feel myself starting to get angry, I try and distract myself. I like to read, especially books about fantasy worlds like The Hobbit or the Artemis Fowl books!

Be Kind to Yourself

Sometimes, when I’m really angry, I can accidentally hurt myself. My teachers taught me to play with my fidget spinner or squeeze a stress-ball instead.

Tyler’s Top Five

Vids, Games & Sites

Lifebabble Tips

Some angry tips from lifebabble.

Funny films

Funny film about what getting angry can do.

Play Tenacity

Playing Tenacity can help with calming my breath down.

Play drifting afternoon

Playing drifting afternoon helps me relax.

Make on Minecraft

Making stuff on Minecraft helps distract me.

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