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75% of those with a mental health condition start developing it before the age of 18.

7 in 10 young people with a mental health problem haven’t had sufficient help at an early age.

3 Children in every class have a diagnosable mental health condition.

Throughout 2019 and 2020 singer, songwriter and qualified counsellor Lily-Jo will be touring schools across the UK and Europe on the #NeverAlone tour.

LJ is passionate about making sure that every young person she comes into contact with knows how to:

A) maintain good mental health

B) know what to do and where to go if they are struggling.

Follow up programme

Throughout the school day, Lily-Jo leads her ‘Let’s Talk About Mental Health’ lesson one after the other to whole year groups at a time. For those young people who have been triggered by what is said, we have created a fantastic follow-up programme which includes:

– After School Clinic where young people get five minutes each with Lily-Jo who will listen to them, and offer some tools and resources to help set them off on the right track.

– Unlimited free access to Lily-Jo’s award-winning online mental health resource:

– Posters and cards with the site on will be provided to display around school.

– 21 days of inspirational text messages for those young people to break the cycle of whatever it is they are struggling with, Anxiety, Low Mood.

– ‘You Are Unstoppable’ video series. 5 videos with session notes to be lead as a lunchtime or after school club. We can work together to see if there is a local volunteer who may be able to facilitate this.


The cost for the #neveralone school tour day, and the follow-up programme is £1 per student. This could be funded by the parent as part of a non-uniform day. We understand that school budgets can be tight, that is why we want to make this as easy and as free as possible for your school.

Impact monitoring:

We know how important data is for your school, that’s why we provide a questionnaire to each pupil before and after the school lesson to monitor what the young people think they know, what they actually know, and then what they learn about mental health throughout the school day.

Staff Testimonials

“I’ve seen a lot of outside agencies coming in to do assemblies in my time, but that was the best I’ve seen in fifteen years ”

James Robinson – Assistant Head

(Ashcombe School, Dorking)

“ This was an absolutely fantastic performance. The information Lily-Jo delivered was brilliant for our students. Staff and students had a great time, with many students coming to me in the afternoon asking for the cards and if the Lily-Jo project is coming back next year! We are really excited to arrange another visit for mental health week next year, thank you for everything! ”

Emily Grierson – Head of Year 8

(Richard Rose Morton Academy)

“Lily-Jo has done amazing work with our students at Stockport Academy particularly in regard to Mental Health and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her without reservation.” 

Mr Frank McCarron – Executive Principal

(Stockport Academy, Manchester Academy and William Hulmes Grammar School) 

“Lily-Jo’s sessions were tailored to meet our needs and targeted towards particular year groups. She is clearly passionate about helping young people and her professional experience informs what she does, allowing her to be flexible in her approach and answer any questions that arise without being phased. Our students warmed to her immediately and were keen to engage in activities and share ideas, she is extremely personable and inspires confidence.” 

Miss H Tunstall – Senior Teacher

(Pastoral Curriculum and Enrichment) Deputy Head of Sixth Form Bolton School Boys’ Division

“Lily-Jo has been into our secondary school today and it has been really effective. She has spoken on topics of mental health such as, low self-esteem, self-doubt, anxiety, issues that really affect our teenagers. The students really need to hear this message. It was a great day and the kids had a fantastic time singing along.”

Phil Johnson – Academy Chaplain

(St Francis of Assisi )

“It’s been an absolute joy and pleasure to have Lily-Jo in our school over the last two days. During each session, Lily-Jo performed some of her music and talked about the importance of mental health. What is it? and how does it impact me? She saw all of our students in whole year group assemblies. we organised a non-uniform day a couple of weeks before Lily-Jo’s visit at £1 per student which raised the funds to pay for her and her team’s visit.

I recommend having Lily-Jo in your school, she can tailor packages to suit the needs of your students and your staff.”

Stuart Brenchley 

(Christ The King College)

“It was a really fantastic 4 days. Lily-Jo connected amazingly well with the pupils at the school and the concert was a real success. Pete, who accompanied her was easy to work with and completely unflustered by whatever came up”

Tony Murphy – School Liaison

(Isle of Wight)

“What a fantastic couple of days! I’m so glad we booked this opportunity for our students.”

Chloe Trebble – Assistant Principal

(Oasis Academy Oldham)

Student Testimonials

“ I first heard about The Lily-Jo Project about 2 years ago after listening to a few songs and liking her Facebook page. At the time I was finding it difficult to cope with anxiety and this was affecting me within school on a daily basis.

 I hid this as I didn’t feel able to speak openly about my feelings I didn’t understand them so felt no-one else would. I found that I really connected with Lily-Jo’s music it had a real feel good factor to it; I started to read information on the website and found it really helped and encouraged me to look at things differently. I then began to become more aware of my feelings and understand the triggers. I began to feel more confident and was able to speak about how I was feeling and share with those close to me and began to slowly overcome my anxiety.

We recently had a day where Lily-Jo came into my school and did workshops with each year group. I feel this was really good as too many young people struggle with different aspects of mental health and the workshops enabled us to take time to think about it and also talk about it in a positive instead of it being a subject everyone avoids.”

AJN  – Year 15

(Oasis Academy Immingham Student) 

“Lily-Jo was very inspiring especially she demonstrated female empowerment because most of our speakers are men. The booklets were really useful, and the app was very good for me. I would definitely recommend to other schools. I liked how there were realistic solutions to worries. LZ7 were lit!”

Alice – Year 11

(Newlands Girls School) 

“Great presentation that came across very well to us. The best PSHE we have had in a while. That was worth missing a lesson for. Very engaging. Clear. Easy to understand. Also quite FUN! Thank ”

Sarah – Year 11

(Newlands Girls School) 

It was really engaging, and she gave good advice on how to deal with stress and anxiety. The booklets were useful as well

Rhianna – Year 11

(Newlands Girls School) 

“ Yesterday’s talk from Lily-Jo was very helpful. The breathing practice helped me a lot. I recommend that breathing practice to people who need it. Also, it was very informative and the app from my personal reference was useful ”

Isla – Year 11

(Newlands Girls School) 

“ It as really helpful as you can visually see your problem and then try and solve it. 10/10. Definitely would recommend to other schools as it is super helpful. The best thing we have had for P.S.H.E ”

Sophie  – Year 11

(Newlands Girls School) 

“ It was helpful to have the booklets as an extra resource. She was really enthusiastic which made it interesting. The worry tree looks really helpful. I liked how she made the presentation interesting by including us  ”

Fazana  – Year 11

(Newlands Girls School) 

Lily-Jo would love to become your school’s mental health ambassador, at a time where it is crucial to look after the mental health of our young people.

The Lily-Jo Project is a registered not-for-profit charitable Community Interest Company C.I.C which means all of its profits are re-invested back into the resources we offer.


Watch Lily-Jo’s latest single ‘Never Alone’

Does this sound like something your school could benefit from?

Please drop us a line, email Peter: and we would be more than happy to book a call back so that we can fine tune any details and tailor make details to accommodate your school needs. Don’t forget to watch our promotional video so that you get to e-meet Lily-Jo.