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High School Workshops

75% of 5 – 19 year olds with a mental health condition haven’t had any contact with mental health services in the last year.

Only 1 in 3 children and young people with a diagnosable mental health condition get access to NHS care and treatment.

7 in 10 young people with a mental health problem haven’t had sufficient help at an early age.

So how can we help?

Our On Track program is designed to engage and support your pupils. On Track can offer you: 

On Track Courses

The On Track courses are ten week, 1-hour mental health mini courses designed specifically to support high school-aged students in managing their mental wellbeing throughout the term. Each course is lead by a member of the Lily Jo Project schools team and covers a variety of concepts in mental health, wellbeing and self-care. The goal of On Track is to give young people a space in school where they can talk openly about their emotional health and to help them develop good mental health habits to take into their adult life.

The courses can be delivered as either lunch or after school clubs with between 25/30 children or as mental health support groups for groups of 6-8 students. The Courses are designed to focus on the areas of mental wellbeing that are most challenging to young people:

You are Unstoppable: Finding purpose. Helping young people set goals and prioritise self-care. 

Smile: Bullying. Helping young people navigate social media and its impact on mental health. 

Break Free: Anxiety. Helping young people understand advanced stress and learn coping mechanisms. 

Never Alone: Depression. Helping young people understand mental health triggers and recognise destructive behaviour.

Need to Know: Eating disorders. Helping young people develop health body image management. 

Beautiful scars: Trauma.  Helping young people process the past and grow into their future. 

The On Track courses are not gender specific, but we do find that in a small group setting of 6-8 students they are most helpful for students identifying female. We are developing more specific courses for male identifying students as well.

On Track Mentoring

On Track Mentoring is 10 weeks of one hour one to one mentoring sessions for your most vulnerable students. These sessions are lead by our Lily Jo Project schools workers and mentors, and are tailored specifically to the needs of the student receiving support.
Our mentors are able to work with a maximum of 4 students a day and are able to cycle students in a bi-weekly schedule. In a ten week term of mentoring from the Lily Jo Project, you can provide specialised mental health support for 8 of your vulnerable students.

On Track Creative Wellbeing Workshops

At the Lily Jo project we believe protecting our mental health is a physical choice as well as a mental one. Our Creative Wellbeing workshops are designed to encourage your students to think about their mental health in creative ways, and use their creativity to improve their wellbeing. We offer Creative Wellbeing Workshops in the following creative practises:

  • Street Dance
  • Ballet
  • Tap
  • Songwriting
  • Creative Writing

The 1 hour workshops are lead by our Lily Jo Project Creative Practitioners, and are available as weekly after school clubs or extra-curricular activities, as a week of half term workshops, as a week of workshops with different year groups, or as a day of workshops for a year group.

We know that it takes an average of three months for a young person to access any professional help after an initial mental health diagnosis. We know that it can take even longer for an initial diagnosis to be found. Our On Track material is designed to stand in the gap, to help students get the immediate support they often desperately need.

Lily-Jo would love to become your school’s mental health ambassador, at a time where it is crucial to look after the mental health of our young people.

The Lily Jo Project is a registered not-for-profit community interest company (C.I.C). This  means that any surplus finance, has to be reinvested back into the creation and development of further resources


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Does this sound like something your high school could benefit from?

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