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UK-based pop singer/songwriter, qualified counsellor, and counselling supervisor, Lily-Jo, fuses her passion for music and helping people live their lives to the fullest.

With over 10 years of professional experience as a counsellor within the NHS and the private sector, as well as an extensive career performing and touring around the world as an artist, Lily-Jo has a one-of-a-kind ability to engage and inspire audiences from the board room to the arena.

The Lily-Jo Project

Lily-Jo’s award-winning online mental health platform, www.thelilyjoproject.com, aims to eliminate the stigma of mental health by providing resources, promoting awareness, and empowering people to take control of their mental well-being.

The Lily-Jo Project’s main areas of work are:

  • Mental health self-help resources for adults and teens
  • Mental health self-help resources for kids
  • A specific resource for parents to help them support their own mental health, and that of their children
  • Supporting schools through in-person workshops for all students to teach them how to look after their mental health
  • Mental health curriculum for schools to use every week to support students and staff mental health


With 1 in 4 adults struggling with their mental health at some point in their adult life, the cost of mental health-related sickness absence is at a record high of £53 – £56 billion a year.

Founded by Lily-Jo, Unstoppable helps businesses employ strategies to support employees before they hit crisis point with their mental health. This reduces mental health-related absence and builds a more productive, efficient, and engaged workforce.

Unstoppable’s support for workplaces includes:

Book Lily-Jo for your workplace or corporate event:

Keynotes and speaking engagements
With a unique ability to connect with audiences as both an artist and a mental health professional, these addresses will be, insightful, impactful, and extremely memorable.

Through her speeches, delegates will be equipped with practical tools and information that they can employ within their organisations and personal lives.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Supporting employee wellbeing
  • Building a successful workplace mental health strategy
  • Mental health challenges facing Gen Z
  • Why all students need access to consistent mental health education

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Live workshops and webinars
Live workshops can be delivered covering a range of bespoke mental health topics.

The workshops are designed to help your team understand more about their mental health, and feel more comfortable talking about it.

The workshops I offer are one hour in length, engaging and interactive and help staff get to know each other a little better, whether around the table or in virtual break out rooms.

Topic inclue, but are not limited to:

  • ​​An Introduction to Self Care
  • Understanding Resilience
  • Boost Your Confidence
  • Overcoming Anxiety
  • Overcoming Low Mood
  • Understanding Grief & Loss

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1 to 1 coaching
Individual 1 to 1 sessions can be offered for staff who need additional support, delivered via zoom.

In our one to one sessions we use diagnostic questionnaires to establish the level of support needed for the individual.

We screen for anxiety, depression, and introduce our bespoke self care questionnaire.

Sessions are 50 minutes in length and the individual is able to reflect, explore, and evaluate their emotional wellbeing in a safe and non-judgemental environment.

Staff members who have had this opportunity have reported feeling more motivated, focused, resilient, and supported by their workplace.

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Book Lily-Jo for a live show:

Lily-Jo is an independent artist and has toured extensively throughout the UK, Europe, and USA, performing at festivals and events. Most recently, Lily-Jo joined Young Voices’ 10,000-strong choir on stage, performing her song ‘Diamond’ to a sold-out Manchester Arena.

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Book The Lily-Jo Project for your schools:

Ages 4 to 11
Our live workshops and assemblies for primary-aged students are interactive,

engaging – and most importantly, FUN!

  • Workshops are delivered as 45-minute assemblies with each year group over the course of a morning or afternoon.
  • Each assembly features a mix of live songs, personal stories, games, and practical teaching about mental health.
  • Workshops are led by one of our talented and passionate performing artists.

We’re proud to offer the following workshops for primary schools:

  • Be a H.E.R.O. – Exploring the basics of good mental health and living a life with purpose. £500.00 (half day).
  • Be a S.T.A.R. – Learning the first steps to understanding and overcoming anxiety. £500.00 (half day).
  • Be C.A.L.M. – Learning how to spot trigger points for anger and overcome them. £500.00 (half day).
  • Lift Your M.O.O.D. – Learning how to spot signs of low mood and make the right adjustments. £500.00 (half day).
  • Change for Good / Year 6 Transition – Exploring the themes of change, finding independence, developing life skills, and emotional resilience. Suitable for year 6 students. £500.00 (half day).

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Ages 11 to 18
Our live workshops for high school and college students are designed to help

teens learn and understand what mental health is, how to maintain good

mental health, and what to do if they are struggling.

  • Each workshop delivered as a 45-60 minute assembly with each age group over the course of a morning, afternoon, or full day.
  • Each assembly features a mix of live songs, personal stories, games, andpractical teaching about mental health.
  • Workshops are led by one of our talented and passionate performing artists.

We’re proud to offer the following workshops for high schools and colleges:

  • You Are Unstoppable – Understanding what mental health is and how to maintain good mental health to live an unstoppable life. £950.00 (full day).
  • Break the Silence – Understanding what self-harm is, who self-harms, why people self-harm, and how to recover. £950.00 (full day)
  • Change for Good / Year 7 Transition – Exploring the themes of change, finding independence, developing life skills, and emotional resilience. Suitable for year 7 students. £500.00 (half day).
  • Overcoming Anxiety & Preparing for Exams – Understanding anxiety, how to spot the signs of anxiety, what to do when feeling anxious, and how to help others who are anxious. Suitable for years 10 and 11. £500.00 (half day).

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Visit ‘more help’ to find people who can help you further. Remember, If you feel suicidal, and you live in the UK, you can go straight to your nearest A&E department within your local hospital to be assessed by the on duty psychiatrist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Lily-Jo Project is written and compiled by Lily-Jo with help from volunteers and professionals who have personal experience with mental ill health.  The information on this website is designed to complement, not replace, the advice of your doctor, therapist, counsellor, or any other healthcare professional. The views of individual bloggers and/or interviewees on this site do not necessarily represent the views of The Lily-Jo Project and its funders and contributors as a whole.

Any contact sections or emails associated on this site are monitored but we cannot promise to respond – if you are struggling with any of the issues on this site – please visit the ‘More help’ section, where you can find other charities and organisations who can help you further. 

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