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I first heard about The Lily-Jo Project about 2 years ago after listening to a few of Lily-Jo’s songs and liking her Facebook page. At the time I was finding it difficult to cope with anxiety and this was affecting me within school on a daily basis.

 I hid this as I didn’t feel able to speak openly about my feelings I didn’t understand them so felt no-one else would. I found that I really connected with Lily-Jo’s music it had a real feel good factor to it; I started to read information on the website and found it really helped and encouraged me to look at things differently. I then began to become more aware of my feelings and understand the triggers. I began to feel more confident and was able to speak about how I was feeling and share with those close to me and began to slowly overcome my anxiety.

 The Lily-Jo Project has helped me a lot and I have also been able to help my friends through things they have struggled with as well by either sharing things I have read myself or by encouraging them to look on the website themselves. We recently had a day where Lily-Jo came into my school and did workshops with each year group. I feel this was really good as too many young people struggle with different aspects of mental health and the workshops enabled us to take time to think about it and also talk about it in a positive instead of it being a subject everyone avoids.

AJN, age 15, 
Oasis Academy Immingham Student

Lily Jo’s sessions were tailored to meet our needs and targeted towards particular year groups. She is clearly passionate about helping young people and her professional experience informs what she does, allowing her to be flexible in her approach and answer any questions that arise without being phased. Our students warmed to her immediately and were keen to engage in activities and share ideas, she is extremely personable and inspires confidence.

Ms H Tunstall

Senior Teacher (Pastoral Curriculum and Enrichment)

“Thank you so much for today, I’ve been busy planning since I got home! I can’t believe how much value I got from just one session, you are absolutely fantastic!!!!!! I’m just so excited to get started with all our wonderful ideas!”

Jo, Business Owner




According to a survey by Fourth 85% of adults are experiencing stress regularly. According to Jobsite, 70 million employee days are lost each year with 1 in 10 of those days being due to mental health. 

This workshop is designed in order to: 
-Raise awareness of what causes stress
-Highlight ways to overcome worry and stress 
help you identify anxiety management tools 
-Recommend further resources 


Workshop Testimonial

“ Lily-Jo was very inspiring especially she demonstrated female empowerment because most of our speakers are men. The booklets were really useful, and the app was very good for me. I would definitely recommend to other schools. I liked how there were realistic solutions to worries. LZ7 were lit! “

Alice, Year 11, Newlands Girls School

“ Great presentation that came across very well to us. The best PSHE we have had in a while. That was worth missing a lesson for. Very engaging. Clear. Easy to understand. Also quite FUN! Thank you “

Sarah, Year 11, Newlands Girls School 

“ It was really engaging, and she gave good advice on how to deal with stress and anxiety. The booklets were useful as well.“

Rhianna, Year 11, Newlands Girls School 

“ Yesterday’s talk from Lily-Jo was very helpful. The breathing practice helped me a lot. I recommend that breathing practice to people who need it. Also, it was very informative and the app from my personal reference was useful “

Isla, Year 11, Newlands Girls School

“ It as really helpful as you can visually see your problem and then try and solve it. 10/10. Definitely would recommend to other schools as it is super helpful. The best thing we have had for P.S.H.E “

Sophie, Year 11, Newlands Girls School

“ It was helpful to have the booklets as an extra resource. She was really enthusiastic which made it interesting. The worry tree looks really helpful. I liked how she made the presentation interesting by including us “

Fazana, Year 11, Newlands Girls School 


The I am Worthy Workshops are suitable for 

-Festival Seminars
-Church Youth Groups
-Christian Union lunch time clubs in schools

The workshops are suitable for girls and guys from 11-18 years old and take the young person through the acronym W.O.R.T.H.Y with some live Lily-Jo songs thrown in for good measure.

The workshops can be booked as a one-off or combined with a live show booking. Lily-Jo is a qualified counsellor and is passionate about young people knowing their true worth and value.



It is imperative that we have a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Would you like to uncover your life’s mission and purpose? Then this workshop is for you.






Workshop Testimonial

I became aware of The Lily-Jo Project through my own daughters personal experience. I was very aware that mental health issues were impacting the young people in our town and felt passionate about wanting to do something to offer the young people in our community support that would be easily accessible for them. After some research and looking at the website myself, working in partnership with the local secondary school we arranged for Lily-Jo to spend a day delivering workshops for each year group in the local academy.

The sessions were tailored to meet our needs and they were adapted to ensure they were age appropriate for each particular year group. The students across all year groups engaged in a very positive way.

Lily-Jo was very passionate and enthusiastic as she delivered the workshops and it was very evident how much she cares about helping young people and how she utilises her professional experience to inform what she does. Lily-Jo worked with the young people in a way that showed acceptance and understanding, she was very flexible and adapted her approach as she engaged with different young people to ensure they were able to engage with her in a positive way.

 I felt her approach was very inspiring and that it encouraged confidence within the young people to be open and have more understanding on the impact of mental health. I like that the website is a self-help tool for young people because many young people will not ask for help until things have become too difficult for them to cope with, and for some young people they will never ask for help. The school workshops will have encouraged those who may be facing difficulties to gain appropriate support and advice in a safe way; by either discussing things with someone or by accessing www.thelilyjoproject.com. I would highly recommend Lily-Jo and her ‘Let’s Talk about Mental Health’ workshop. 


Elaine Norton, Chair of One Voice Community forum

Oasis Immingham Academy Counsellor 

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