It’s Finally Here! – Run 10K // Raise £10K

It’s Finally Here! – Run 10K // Raise £10K for The Lily-Jo Project It’s finally here guys! This Saturday, October 6th, Lily-Jo and a team of supporters are running 10K to raise £10K in funds to ensure people of all ages, all over the world, continue to...

Podcasting: What’s the Big Deal?

Have you heard the news? September 30th is International Podcast Day! A day devoted to raising awareness of and celebrating the power of podcasts. Since we’ve just launched our brand-new podcast ‘Eavesdrop’ here at the Lily-Jo project, we thought we’d go ahead and...


Find out what singer songwriter and founder of the Lily-Jo Project is up to throughout summer 2018. There’s lots to wrap your ears and heart around including new music, facelift for the Lily-Jo Project, a new podcast called Eavesdrop and new products and services are on offer including life coaching, new merchandise, and new workshops.