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Celebrating Wellbeing: Get Your [Free] 2022 Mental Health Awareness Day Calendar


From World Mental Health Day to OCD Awareness Week, there are so many ways that we can celebrate wellbeing and mental health throughout the year.

However, even for us at The Lily-Jo Project, keeping track of all the various days and campaigns can be quite the challenge!

That’s why we’d love to share with you our FREE mental health awareness day calendar that our team uses on a daily basis.

This calendar is perfect for:

  • Those passionate about supporting mental health causes.
  • Teachers and youth workers interested in celebrating mental health awareness days with students.  For specific tips for using your calendar in the classroom, check out our previous article here.
  • Business owners and managers interested in raising awareness about mental health topics with their teams.
  • Fellow mental health organisations and nonprofits looking to lift up mental health causes throughout the year.

To access your FREE mental health awareness day calendar, simply click here

More About The Lily-Jo Project

The Lily-Jo Project is devoted to eliminating the stigma surrounding mental health through music, digital resources, and community engagement.

We firmly believe that when exposed to the basic principles of mental health from an early age, kids are empowered to:

  • Be proactive about maintaining good mental health into adulthood
  • Ultimately reach their full potential and achieve their dreams!

Currently, we offer the following services to our community:

Get Involved

Love what we do? Here are all the different ways you can get involved!


If you’d like to share your mental health journey with us, we would love to hear from you! Give us a shout at admin@thelilyjoproject.com and we are happy to find a way to collaborate with you on a blog article, video, or podcast.


You can make a donation to support our continued work in schools and communities worldwide. For regular giving, please contact admin@thelilyjoproject.com.


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