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In light of our 5th anniversary this year, we’d like to share with you a bit more about the people behind The Lily-Jo Project!


First up is our clinical consultant, Emma-Jayne Browne. 


Emma is a trusted colleague who provides us with feedback and advice on our learning platform content. Before a new course goes live, Emma watches each and every video to make sure that the series is appropriate and of good quality for students. 


Once we’ve got her approval, the content is good to go and ready to be used in the classroom! 


Here’s a bit more about Emma’s background, clinical expertise, and her feedback on some of our recent courses geared for kids and teens.

About Emma Browne

Emma Browne is a fully qualified child play therapist and adolescent and adult psychotherapist (PSA, ACAT, PTUK, and UKCP registered). She has worked in NHS for 17 years, and currently specialises in early childhood complex trauma.


She also runs a private psychotherapy practice, Nurtured Minds. In her spare time, she enjoys getting out in the Yorkshire countryside, baking with her kids, and exploring new places both home and abroad.


Emma’s Thoughts on Our Learning Content


“Smile” – A Series on Bullying


“The Lily-Jo Project’s SMILE series is an incredible resource for schools and one that has the potential to make a real difference in the lives of every child or young person who gets to see it.”


“The overall message is one of empowering children and young people of all ages to tune into their inner world of thoughts, feelings, and reactions and helping them to understand that they are capable of changing the effects of all kinds of bullying, not only for themselves but for their peers too.”


“It addresses both the potential bullies as well as the victims by using powerful and developmentally and culturally relevant content. It provides children and young people with a sense of mastery over their inner and outer environments, which is one of the greatest tools a child can have in increasing their resilience to stress and future mental health difficulties.”


“Its focus is on improving children and young people’s self-esteem by repeating the message that they are valuable and lovable. Teaching them that they have the capacity to stand up for themselves and others, that their words and actions can have a significant impact for good or bad, and that they can keep themselves and others safe by reaching out to a trusted adult or to other child safeguarding agencies that can support them.”


“The SMILE videos bring all these messages to life through different culturally relevant and developmentally appropriate mediums including the use of powerfully memorable acronyms, animation, music, real-life stories, fun and games, and whole-group activities that promote social connection and consolidation of the messages conveyed in the videos.”


“This is a truly valuable and effective one-stop mental health resource for any primary and secondary school.”


You can access The Lily-Jo Project’s SMILE series by purchasing the individual courses for ages 4-7, 7-11, 11-14, and 14-18. Or, save by subscribing to our Silver Package for teens or kids.


“Express Yourself” – A Series about Creativity and Opening Up

“The Lily-Jo Project’s Express Yourself series is all about encouraging children and young people to tap into, and use their creativity, as a valuable tool for improving their wellbeing.”


“The content is backed by sound clinical research and up-to-date psychological theory that is communicated in developmentally and culturally relevant ways. The use of music, activities, memorable analogies, discussions, and real-life examples will keep children and young people fully engaged.”


“The discussion questions after each section really enable the consolidation of learning. They build emotional literacy skills, encouraging children to tune in and become curious about their internal world of thoughts, feelings, and actions. The series promotes increased self-awareness, helping young people notice when they are becoming stressed out and empowering them to make healthy choices which then improve their wellbeing.”


“The “traffic light” tool in this series is very powerful and helps young people build resilience and tolerance for stress, which is a significant mitigating factor when it comes to future mental health difficulties.” 


“By giving young people practical ideas of how to set realistic goals and explore their creativity, the Express Yourself series also aims to build positive self-esteem, identity, and confidence in a way all young people can access and gain so much value from.”


You can access The Lily-Jo Project’s Express Yourself series by purchasing the individual courses for ages 4-7, 7-11, 11-14, and 14-18. Or, save by subscribing to a Gold Package for kids or teens


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