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Sometimes we can get so caught up in our daily grind and busy schedules that we forget to stop to smell the roses.

As we celebrated our third birthday at The Lily-Jo Project on the 28 of February, we feel it’s important to take a moment to pause, reflect, and celebrate how far we’ve come; and say thanks to those who have supported us along the way.


Looking Back


3 years ago, we began the journey to eliminate the stigma of Mental Health.  Our website has evolved, our team has grown, and our resources that we proudly provide to the world keep getting stronger. Along the way, we’ve made friends, shared stories, and collected wisdom that brings genuine value to our community.

Our online self-help resource at www.thelilyjoproject.com/#help provides a balance of expert advice and personal stories; connecting with people struggling and providing support to them in the comfort of their own space. In addition to this digital experience, we’ve taken The Lily-Jo Project out into the world as well with our workshops and gigs that we host in schools, workplaces, churches, conferences, and music festivals across the UK and Europe.

It has been a pleasure meeting new people, making new friends, and spreading the message of positive mental health – thank you for inviting us into your space, wherever that may be!


Looking Ahead: The #NeverAloneSchools Tour

This year we plan to visit over 33 high schools on the #NeverAlone tour. The mission of this tour is to ensure every young person we see knows:

      A.) how to maintain good mental health and

      B.) what to do and where to go if they are struggling.

Because 75% of those with a mental health condition start developing it before the age of 18, reaching young people in schools is vital. If you are a school, church, or parent and are interested in The Lily-Jo Project coming to your school, you can learn more at: www.thelilyjoproject.com/schools/ or email admin@thelilyjoproject.comto get in touch.


A letter from Lily-Jo


“It’s been a fab 3 years of helping people begin the journey of helping themselves. Providing the first steps into healing is a real privilege and I am so grateful that my team and I get to do this on a daily basis. We are reaching more people than ever before and promoting The Lily-Jo Project far and wide as we tour 33 high schools this year reaching over 33,000 young people and their families on the #NeverAlone tour. We hope you agree that this is a valuable piece of work and if you feel passionate and called to get alongside us we’d be utterly grateful. Read below to find how you can get involved.”


Get Involved

It takes a village of very brave, generous, and inspiring individuals from all walks of life to help us keep The Lily-Jo Project afloat, relevant, and growing for the future. Here’s how you can get involved and help us make our third year the best yet! We are so grateful for our amazing community!

  • Partner

One of the ways that you can get involved is by partnering with us! We are looking for 25 individuals or organizations to commit to giving £25/month over the next year. As a partner, you will not only help us keep The Lily-Jo Project running, but you will help us grow and maximise our impact. You will also be featured on the upcoming “Partners” page of our website.

Email admin@thelilyjoproject.com if you are interested and want to learn more!

  • Share

Share with us your story, advice, and tips – our community gets stronger by hearing the stories of others. If you are passionate about your story and would like to submit a video, be a guest on our podcast, or write a guest blog for us, send a message to admin@thelilyjoproject.com and we are happy to collaborate!

  • Subscribe

There are several ways you can stay in touch with what we are up to. In addition to following us on Instagram and Facebook, you can also subscribe to our podcast: Lily-Jo Present’s Eavesdrop – where you can eavesdrop into conversations between Lily-Jo and her friends. This podcast series covers a range of topics on mental health, emotional wellbeing, spirituality, and personal development. New episodes of Season 2 are released weekly, and you can subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, Podbean or wherever you get your podcasts.

  • Donate

We graciously accept and appreciate one-time donations of all sizes. If you are feeling passionate about supporting us in our efforts to eliminate the stigma of mental health, you can donate by visiting our website at:  www.thelilyjoproject.com/contact-us/ and scroll to the “Donate Now” section.

We don’t say it enough; but thank you. Your stories, support, and unending positivity help us tackle the stigma against mental health together. Here’s to the next 3 years and beyond!


Peace and Love,
The Lily-Jo Project Team

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