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It’s estimated that 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year.

As an independent singer and songwriter, Lily-Jo aims to bring awareness and share her experiences of mental health issues through her music. Her new music video ‘Never Alone’ was filmed on the streets of her home city of Manchester (UK).  Released to mark World Mental Health Day on 10th October, ‘Never Alone’ encourages the listener that they ‘will survive’ in spite of loss and loneliness. This catchy drum and bass remix is produced by SaintLouis and features on Lily-Jo’s latest EP, ‘Sway.’

Lily-Jo founded the award-winning online resource ‘The Lily-Jo Project’ in response to a growing need to support those suffering with anxiety, depression, grief and many more issues that plague the British population.

“After meeting so many people at gigs and hearing their stories, I was moved to create this online mental health resource.” Says Lily-Jo “It’s designed to help you take better care of yourself and those around you, and is filled with really practical advice on how to overcome issues like anxiety, loss and depression. It’s my hope that young people will be able to overcome battles with self-harm and loneliness, so they can live out their best lives. With everything I do – the music, the website and my new podcast – helping people find freedom, hope and good mental health are at the heart of it all.”

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Lily-Jo has designed a unique online resource to help renew both mind and spirit. ‘The  Lily Jo Project’ is an award-winning mental health website, with resources that include guided relaxation and thought recording. http://thelilyjoproject.com

Social  Media: Twitter  & Facebook:  @lilyjoproject  Instagram: @xxlilyjoxx

The artist is available for interviews on request.

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