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Today is a very exciting day for me. Today is the launch of my brand new five track EP Unstoppable. This is the first release since Good Enough in 2017.

Why has it taken so long…I hear you shout…?

Over the last year I have been busy touring internationally with LZ7 as well as growing and sustaining The Lily-Jo Project, my online self help resource for sufferers of mental health issues. For those of you who have been following me closely, you’ll know I am also a devoted wife and mum to two beauties who keep me very busy. I’ve also been facilitating emotional wellbeing workshops within high schools, offering young people practical help and advice.

I thought I’d give you a little insight into who wrote each song, and what each song is about. 

The track list is:

1. Great Unknown

2. Who Are You?

3. Beautiful Scars

4. Unstoppable

5. Can’t Take It Away

Great Unknown

I wrote track one Great Unknown with Philippa HannaJake Isaac and Fez from OL Music. I wanted a song that talked about the reality of stepping out from a comfortable place, into a place where it may be a little more risky, yet far more rewarding if the risk pays off. This year for me is all about being brave, taking (calculated) risks, and seeing what the outcomes are. Jake produced the track and it was mixed by Matt Doughty from Rocket Studios in London.

Who Are You?

I wanted to write a song that challenged the idea and asked the question who are you. Who are you to the core. When life throws rubbish at you, how do you respond? Whats your reaction? At the moment I am personally trying to be grateful and positive in all situations, seeing the best and looking for the gold in myself and others. A daily challenge. I wrote this song with Fez and Bastian from OL Music, and the lovely Tom Read.

Beautiful Scars

I wrote this song with Jake Isaac, Fez and Bastian from OL Music. I wanted to write a song that explored the idea that our scars can be turned into something beautiful. The hardest times in my life have been where I have had my biggest character growth spurts. My hope is that this song will encourage anyone currently going through struggles and battling with scars, to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.


This had to be the title track of the EP. This song embodies where I am at on my journey at the moment. I’ve been feeling really challenged to be someone who supports and champions others above myself. I wrote this song with the gorgeous Philippa Hanna who inspires me so much. Tim Gosden produced the track and I love what he’s done with it. Amazingly this song has been play listed on national radio stations UCB and Premier Radio so listen out for it and make sure you tweet or message me when you hear it! Watch the lyric video here.

Can’t Take It Away

I wrote this track with Jake and Fez. I love the saxophone!!! Jake is adamant that he will be the main star of the music video, dressed top to toe in a white suit playing a blow up sax! Got a visual?! This song is all about making memories and how once they are made, they are yours forever.

I wanted to use this opportunity to say a HUGE Thank you to all involved in this project. I didn’t have the space on the physical EP cover for thank you’s… I loved working with Hannah from Vocal Performance Coaching on vocals and vocal production for Great Unknown and Beautiful Scars. Thanks to Hannah Waller and Brandon Chung for the cover photography. We spent a very cold winters night in West Kirby trying to get the perfect shot! Thank you to Hannah Raeside for the cover graphic design. I loved my gold dress from Beulah Byron at Bmintage. Make up was by Soiree. Hair by my surrogate mother Amanda Bell at Dry.

I’d like to say a personal thank you for the ladies in my life that cheer me along on a daily basis. These ladies help me to keep going when I feel like giving up, and they do know who they are. Thank you to my family who accommodate the Fidler family 4 so beautifully. Dave Fidler massive special thanks to you for being an ever present rock, and putting up with me!

I really hope you enjoy this new body of work. Please share across social media if you do, and feel free to write a review. It all helps to grow the platform and ignite freedom within the hearts and minds of the listener. You are UNSTOPPABLE. Please don’t limit yourself. Nothing is impossible.

Loads of love and God Bless,

Lily-Jo x

Twitter: @lilyjoproject 

Facebook: lilyjoproject

Instagram: @xxlilyjoxx

Download here now

Lyric video is LIVE now

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